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course contents:3D modeling

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Course Contents 

Analyze multiple axes geometric representation of a three dimensional image.

Construct simple geometric shapes in X, Y, and Z axes using computer animation software.

Construct organic shapes using Spline-based curves.

Construct multiple complex models.

Quantify grid size to establish perspective views.

Apply natural conditions in developing surface treatment.

Observe and explain differences between natural light and artificial light.

Evaluate the effect of light in various surface treatments.

Apply various lighting techniques to create a desired mood in computer animation.

Create a 3D Model.

Transform a 3D Model over time.

Apply the concepts of 2D design and integrate the added aspects of multi-dimensional space.

Integrate the basic visual elements of design (light, shape, texture, and color) into the complexity of three-dimensional space.

Apply advanced knowledge of unity, variety, contrast, dominance, appropriateness, balance, and harmony to three-dimensional space.

Place a camera into a 3D environment to define the desired perspective viewing of the model.

Create and apply materials to the model to define its color and texture.

Generate a rendering of a 3D Model.



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Training Coordinator.

UK :+44-203-468-0685

USA : +1-703-445-4802

INDIA: +91-8143111555 ; +91-40-64643304 / 06


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November 21, 2013 — 9:00 am to
February 21, 2018 — 6:00 pm

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